Petition to Stop The KC issuing Assured Breeder Status to Breeders Who Also Breed 'Designer' dogs

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Petition to Stop The KC issuing Assured Breeder Status to Breeders Who Also Breed 'Designer' dogs

Post by Caryll on Wed May 20, 2015 10:16 am

E-petition raised to stop those who breed crossbreeds becoming ABS members

Created: 13/05/2015
DogWorldNewspaper wrote:

AN E-PETITION has been launched asking the Kennel Club not to accept as members of the Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS) those who breed crossbreeds as well as purebred dogs, and those who are already members to be removed.

 Linda Thomson believes that allowing them to join the scheme gives breeders of ‘designer dogs’ accreditation.

 The petition aims to “put a stop to this ever-growing money maker of designer crossbreeds that the KC seems to condone. More importantly, decent and caring KC Assured Breeders – and those that are not accredited breeders – are being sold down the river by the KC, which is turning its back on breeders who are breeding pedigree dogs only.

 “The ABS was set up by the KC to supposedly tell the public that this breeder has been checked and is a good person to buy from. Yet some breeders are selling crossbreeds under the umbrella of being a KC Assured Breeder.  By signing this petition it is calling for the KC to sit up and stop this abuse of its own creation…”

 View the petition, which has 324 signatures so far, at

The KC’s response will be in DOG WORLD next week.

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