We had somebody in our house earlier - Dempsey did really well!

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We had somebody in our house earlier - Dempsey did really well!

Post by Eleanor on Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:12 pm

A few of you probably know that Dempsey is very territorial about the house. tongue We don't often have visitors, so that's probably why. A man came over to inspect the house earlier and Dempsey was actually reasonably well behaved! I put him into his crate and sat by him with some treats; he actually stayed perfectly quiet and calm for the most of the (five minute) visit! His ears went up when the man started talking across the house, but that was it. He did bark very loudly for about twenty seconds when the man came into the kitchen, but then went all silly and thumped his tail against the crate. tongue

When we've had visitors in the past and Dempsey was let out of his crate after they've left, he'd charged about the house, barking madly and sniffing around. This time, he just trotted down the passage, downstairs and then looked at the door for a few seconds. tongue

Very proud of our little blue and red boy! tongue

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