Afghan Hound

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Afghan Hound

Post by Eleanor on Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:23 pm wrote:Glamour in the dog world comes in many forms, but the Afghan must be in the top ten of anybody’s list. The breed standard talks of strength and dignity as well as an Oriental expression with which the dog looks at and through any stranger.

The silky coat is to many the greatest attraction of the breed, but those in the show ring look the way they do only because someone has regularly put a great deal of experienced effort into grooming.

One of the typical sighthounds of the world, the Afghan – who, as his name implies, comes from the mountains of Afghanistan – is a hunter and will chase electric hare or the neighbour’s cat, so basic training, especially the re-call, is not easily accomplished.

The first Afghans arrived in Britain in the early 1900s and one, called Zardin, won in spectacular style at the 1907 Crystal Palace show. The breed is also known as the Tazi, supporting its resemblance to a Russian breed of that name.

Temperamentally the Afghan has a tendency to be aloof with those he doesn’t know, but has great affection and faithfulness for his owner.

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