What counts as a suitable environment for my dog?

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What counts as a suitable environment for my dog?

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:27 pm


• Living in a cold or wet place can cause a dog to suffer and may lead to illness.

• A dog needs regular opportunities to go to the toilet or he/she will become distressed.

• A dog must be able to avoid things that scare him/her. A dog may suffer if he/she is unable to hide.

• Dogs are intelligent. If a dog is bored, and doesn't have enough to do, he/she may suffer.

• A dog needs regular opportunities to exercise.

• Dogs are inquisitive. A dog may put itself in danger if he/she is left to explore unsupervised.

Things you should do

• Provide your dog with a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean and quiet place to rest undisturbed.

• At least every few hours provide your dog with access to an appropriate place where your dog can go to the toilet.

• Provide your dog with access to an appropriate place where he/she can exercise at least twice a day.

• Give your dog constant access to a safe hiding place where he/she can escape if he/she feels afraid.

• Make sure your dog has access to suitable objects to chew and play with.

• Make sure there is sufficient clean water for your dog to drink.

• If dogs live together, you should provide enough extra resources (e.g. toys, beds and hiding places) to stop them from becoming competitive and fighting.

• Make sure the size and temperature of any place you leave your dog (including your vehicle) is appropriate.

• When you transport your dog, make sure he/she is comfortable and safe at all times.

• Make sure that where your dog lives is safe, secure and free from hazards.

• Keep your dog under control and do not let it stray.

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