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Pet Travel Scheme

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Pet Travel Scheme Empty Pet Travel Scheme

Post by Eleanor Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:17 pm

The Pet Travel Scheme (PTS) is important for the prevention of the spread of diseases between the UK and other countries.

The PTS allows dogs, cats and ferrets to enter the UK without quarantine. It also allows people to take those animals to other countries and return to the UK without quarantine, as long as they comply with the rules of the PTS. However, they are not permitted to enter the UK without Rabies vaccinations. This is to prevent the spread of Rabies into the UK, which is currently Rabies free.

If the pet is entering the UK from another country, it must be micro-chipped (before the Rabies vaccination has been administered!) for identification and vaccinated. Pet travel documentation must also be provided (pet passport). The pet must travel on an authorised route with an approved transport company. Dogs must be treated for tapeworm one to five days before transportation, using a treatment whose active ingredient is Praziquantel, and you need to ask your vet to record the details of the treatment in your pet passport -  this treatment is not required if travelling directly from Ireland, Norway, Finland and Malta.  

For countries outside the European continent, a blood test must also be taken to ensure that the vaccination has been effective. There is then a three month wait for the animal to be able to travel to the UK.

When travelling from countries in the EU or a listed non-EU country, you must wait 21 days after the first Rabies vaccination before your pet may travel.  

The maximum number of pets allowed to travel with one accompanying person is five. If more than five pets are being transported, the reason must be non-commercial and not intended for sale or purchase. Travelling from the UK to another EU country requires each pet to have a valid health certificate.

If the owner of the pet is not travelling in close proximity to it, it is considered to be accompanied provided the movement is nor for commercial purposes and there will be no ownership transfers. The owner of person responsible for the pet must sign a declaration to be placed with the pet passport.

The following cannot be transported:

  • Unwell/ill animals

  • Animals that are very young

  • Pregnant animals in the last 10% of their gestation period

  • Puppies under eight weeks old

Please note: If you are bringing more than five animals into the UK, you are required to have additional documentation. Each group of more than five pets are required to have a health certificate, which must be issued at least ten days before travelling.

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