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What a day! (Birdie *updated*).

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What a day! (Birdie *updated*). - Page 3 Empty What a day! (Birdie *updated*).

Post by tracyp Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:45 am

First topic message reminder :

My neighbours dog, jess (aka little Jess) came for a visit while her dad went shopping.  She has separation anxiety, a rescue with a not so happy prior life. We do not raise a voice, hand nor clap as she will flee to a corner. She is very head shy & didn't like to be touched, now  she loves cuddles!  hug . He is her 4th? owner.

He has to go away soon to see his brother as he is not well,  he cannot take little Jess there, (they will not allow a dog in their house) so she has to get used to him not being with her.

I will take her when he goes. He is 78, little Jess is about 8 I think? She is so tiny I'm scared to walk incase I step on her.... a chihuahua x foxie x god knows what? Mini Daushhound? Heres a pic.., shes a long chihuahua.  hug (she is soooo cute!)

She is not dog, people, or air friendly, she growls & snaps at anything but my guys love her & she has finally learnt to be nice with them & the chooks. thumbs up

What a day! (Birdie *updated*). - Page 3 20141202_114902

During little jess's visit..... Tyson bought another chick inside...

Poor little thing, Tyson was carrying it so gently, almost as if his teeth hurt. ( what a good puppy, I am so proud of his gentleness).... he placed it on the floor inside the back door to show me.  Both wings are damaged, it has 1st & last feathers on both wings, nothing in between, one wing is obviously broken...  I went to the chemist, got a syringe & eye dropper. It is eating meal worms & drinking from the eye dropper. But I don't like it's chances by the morning ... it is in my study with straw in a tub. I'm trying to keep it calm but for a young chick ( maybe 2wks) that's got to be in pain, it is fighting hard! I will give it a drink every hour or so during the night.

If it makes it, I dont think it will ever fly again so if all goes well.... I have a new pet birdie, but I don't think I will. crying
What a day! (Birdie *updated*). - Page 3 20141202_132523

Sorry its not a good pic. I don't want to move him (she) to get a shot as he squeals in pain.
This is the 3rd chick Tyson has bought to the door. The last one made it, I really dont think this one will. I will try, but I think we are running up hill without a water bottle.

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What a day! (Birdie *updated*). - Page 3 Empty Re: What a day! (Birdie *updated*).

Post by Lorraine Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:46 am

That's fantastic happy

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