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Defra Guidelines in the UK

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Defra Guidelines in the UK Empty Defra Guidelines in the UK

Post by Eleanor Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:16 pm

Methods of transportation

Any vehicles must be suitable for use, with enough space for the animal to stand and lay down comfortably. Loading and unloading areas should be designed and maintained to avoid injury or discomfort to the animal. Temporary accommodation such as carry cases and crates must also be suitable for the animal and designed to avoid injury and discomfort. Drivers and assistants are required to have a certificate of competence if they are transporting animals.

The Welfare of Animals (Transport (England) Order 2006) states that it is an offence to transport an animal in any way which might endanger the animal or cause unnecessary suffering.

Duration of journeys

The time taken to transport animals should be kept to a minimum. Backup routes should be planned to avoid delays during unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic jams or accidents.

Stocking density

If more than one animal is being transported, each animal must have enough room to stand and lay down comfortably. Each animal should have a health certificate.

Welfare of Animals (Transport (England) Order 2006) states that factors such as weather, temperature and duration of the journey should be taken into account when considering the stocking density.

Comfort during journey

The temperature should be controlled according to the species being transported. Adequate ventilation must be provided to allow the animal to be able to breathe properly. Faecal matter and urine should be able to exit through the bottom of the enclosure. Food and water should be supplied before and after short journeys. During long journeys, food and water should be provided during the journey at planned rest stops.

The Welfare of Animals (Transport (England) Order 2006) states that it is an offence to transport animals without correct ventilation, space, temperature and security. The animal’s temporary environment should be controlled if it is being transported to a different climate.

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