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CITES Guidelines

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CITES Guidelines Empty CITES Guidelines

Post by Eleanor Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:21 pm

Equipment for transportation

Specific containers should be used according to guidelines and legislation concerning the transport of animals. The flooring should allow faecal matter and urine to exit the container easily, avoiding discomfort and potential risk to the animal. Adequate ventilation should also be provided to allow the animal to be able to breathe easily. All containers must be free from harmful objects such as sharp edges.

Comfort during journey

Animals should not be subjected to extreme temperatures, so arrangements should be made for animals to be able to be off-loaded in case of emergencies, where ventilation and temperature may be compromised. Fans or heaters can be used for this.

Containers should be double checked to ensure that there is enough ventilation for the animal. Ventilation holes must be provided in all walls of containers, regardless of whether or not there is mesh on the container. If the holes are large enough for an animal to fit a body part through, mesh should be used to cover them. Depending on the travel situation, spacer bars may be a requirement on the sides of the container to avoid it being pushed up against surfaces, which could lead to suffocation of the animal.

Safe, external access to food and water should be provided. The animal should be provided with food and water containers which can sustain the animal for a minimum of 48 hours.

Protection against spread of disease

Handling of an imported animal should be limited to what is absolutely necessary, as the animal may carry zoonotic diseases. If handling is necessary, hands should be disinfected before and after to avoid cross contamination.

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